About Us

Our success today will power our achievements tomorrow, ever advancing the safety & reliability of electrical engineering & products.

As one of the wire & cable companies in INDIA, we at Magni tech speciality cables are the pioneers of wire design, technology & applicability. Our cutting edge technology & research has continually enhanced the efficiency, reliability & safe conduction of electricity, supporting the core of our engineering Endeavour, which is to guarantee safe environments everywhere - offices, retail spaces, industrial plants & residences.

Wires & cable filter through every aspect of our modern lifestyle, which commands uninterrupted & efficient electricity supply. We manufacture all kinds of special cable to be usable in planes, trains, telecommunication, satellites to Wifi, Our diverse product offering are quick & energy efficient, minimizing losses, tending security and earning you savings through every millimeter it pervades.

Our Profile

We introduce ourselves as an established manufacturer of Specialty Cables required in the field of Communication, Data Transmission, Instrumentation and Automation. Our focus interest is towards producing high quality products that can give you efficient and economical solutions. As a commitment to quality, we have invested substantially in state of the art infrastructure, understanding and meeting customer requirements.

MTSCPL is having reputation of being a manufacturer of highly reliable quality products. Our products are CE marked and our equipment are capable of producing cables meeting latest national & International standards. We have been certified for ISO 9001:2008 for Design and manufacture.

From the simple flame retardant building wires to power cables, from instrumentation cables to the highly critical submersible cables, our product range is so diverse today that in any industry there isn’t an application that doesn’t have the desired product.

From oil, gas, petrochemicals to transmission, distribution & power networks, our wires have been reliably empowering the industries that keep the world up & running. From rail & transport to airports, to marine & defense, our wires actively allow safe movements of humans & goods.

In automation, process control and communication & telecommunication our high fidelity wires safely carry billions of bytes of data that allows machines & humans to interact with each other. You can expect Total Solutions in Electrical Connectivity.